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Introduction coursesSemesters
Archaeology, 30 ECTS (ARKA21)spring 2018autumn 2018
Archaeology: From Reindeer Hunters to Stonecist Builders i Scania, 15 ECTS (ARKD01)
Archaeology: From Mound Builder to Blacksmith in Skåne, 15 ECTS (ARKD02)
Archaeology: From Warriors to Ship builders in Skåne, 15 ECTS (ARKD03)
Continuation courses
Archaeology: Level 2, 30 ECTS (ARKA22)spring 2018
Bachelor courses
Archaeology: B.A. Course - Level 3, 30 ECTS (ARKK04)autumn 2018
Master level courses
Archaeology and Ancient History: Master's Thesis - Archaeology, 30 ECTS (ARKM21)spring 2018
Other courses
15 000 Years in Scania - A Cultural History, 15 ECTS (ARKD06)