Greek (Modern Greek)

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Beginners coursesSemesters
Modern Greek: Beginners´ Course, 30 ECTS (NYGA01)autumn 2017
Modern Greek: Beginners´ Course I, 15 ECTS (NYGB01)spring 2017autumn 2017
Modern Greek: Beginners´ Course II, 15 ECTS (NYGB02)spring 2017autumn 2017
Introduction courses
Modern Greek: Level 1, 30 ECTS (NYGA12)spring 2017autumn 2017
Continuation courses
Modern Greek: Level 2, 30 ECTS (NYGA13)autumn 2017
Bachelor courses
Modern Greek: B.A. Course - Level 3, 30 ECTS (NYGK21)spring 2017autumn 2017
Second cycle
History of the Greek Language from Antiquity to the Present, 7.5 ECTS (GREM11)
Greek Literary History from Ancient Times until Modern Times, 7.5 ECTS (GREM12)
Modern Greek: Level 4 - Mag. Course, 30 ECTS (NYGM01)
Specialization in Modern Greek Literature, 15 ECTS (NYGM13)spring 2017autumn 2017
Modern Greek: History of the Greek Language and Medieval Renaissance Poetry, 15 ECTS (NYGR14)
Modern Greek: Language variation in Modern Greek, 15 ECTS (NYGR15)spring 2017autumn 2017
Greek: From Byzantium to Greece - Byzantian Culture and Literature, 15 ECTS (BYZA01)
Greece throughout the Ages, 15 ECTS (KLAA01)