Points to consider before applying

Think about what you would like to study abroad, check the university websites and get an idea of which universities could be of interest among those with which Lund University has an agreement. It is important that you check whether any restrictions apply to the subjects you want to study, whether you need to take a language test before you can be admitted, etc. Once you have done this, you are ready to contact your outgoing students’ coordinator and the study advisor at your home department/division. Discuss any questions with us. The studies should be as rewarding as possible for you, and the stay abroad is to take place at the most suitable time within your total study period

Credit transfer and recognition of courses

When you return from your exchange studies, you want to be able to transfer credits earned and have the courses you took abroad recognised at Lund University.

Credit transfer from your studies

On condition that your studies have been at the appropriate academic level, credits from your studies abroad will be transferred to your records at your home university. The International Office at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology can help you with this. Certain beginner’s language courses, sports, calligraphy, etc. are not considered academic studies. If you are unsure, discuss the matter with one of us. The courses you have studied abroad will be registered in Ladok, together with the number of credits they are worth

Recognition of studies

Recognition means that the credits you have earned abroad replace the whole or parts of a course offered at Lund University. This can be done, above all in modern languages. If you want to have part or all of your studies abroad recognised as credits at Lund University after your return home, it is especially important that you maintain close contact with your home department and that there is written confirmation of this. Talk to your study advisor



International Office, HT

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International Coordinator
Fanni Faegersten
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International Coordinator
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Administrative Officer
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