Covid-19 and the academic year 2020/2021

Information to all HT-faculties students

Extended recommendations for Skåne

Updated 2020-11-18

Due to the Public Health Agency's and Region Skåne's decision to extend the guidelines for reducing the spread of Covid-19 in Skåne, the HT faculties have decided on extending our added recommendations and measures over the remaining part of the semester.

For students at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, this means that changes in teaching may be made during the remaining part of the semester. This is to reduce crowding and anything other than necessary travel.

  • teaching may be converted to digital/online when possible. You will find more information about your course/programme in Canvas or in the schedule on the course web page.
  • Our buildings (SOL and LUX), will close at 17:00 during the remaining part of the semester. However, HT students and all students at the Department of Communication and Media will be able to enter as usual even outside opening hours (weekdays 6:30–22:00 and Saturday 10:00–16:00) using LU Card + code.
  • the HT libraries will be open Monday–Friday until 16:00 during the remaining part of the semester. As before, the libraries are closed on weekends and public holidays.

It is important that staff and students

  • avoid travelling on public transport
  • work or study from home when possible
  • avoid socialising with people other than those from the same household or who they meet every week.

Please note that the decision is extended until the end of semester, but can be changed if other recommendations from authorities and the government are issued.


Teaching in the spring semester of 2021

Programmes at Lund University will continue to be conducted both online and on campus until the spread of infection has diminished. This means that many lessons, seminars and examinations will be conducted via the video conference tool, Zoom. Accordingly, as a student you must have access to the equipment you need to participate digitally, i.e. a stable internet connection, microphone (preferably a headset) and camera.

However, certain teaching sessions will be held on campus. This applies to components that require a physical presence or where we deem that campus-based teaching is necessary for the quality of the education. You will find more information on what applies to your course in the timetable on the course home page.

In cases where teaching is conducted on campus, all teaching facilities will indicate routes in and out in relation to stairwells, corridors and foyers (entrances and exits). Show consideration and follow the instructions carefully. Hand sanitiser is to be available at all lecture halls.

The form of teaching may change during the semester. If you are a student, it is therefore important that you can be prepared to be present at the University at short notice.

A safe study environment – everyone’s responsibility

Everyone must share the responsibility to maintain a safe study environment. It is therefore very important that you:

  • Stay home at the first sign of illness, even if you only have mild symptoms, and contact your course director.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Observe good hand hygiene (it is a good idea to bring your own hand sanitiser).
  • Do not remain on university premises for longer than you need to after teaching sessions and follow the wayfinding signs. Please also ensure to visit the reception desks and libraries when there are fewer people around.

Information about the coronavirus

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