Extension of a doctoral position

Doctoral studies

Doctoral students admitted to the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology are usually financed through employment under a doctoral studentship for a period of four years. Doctoral studentships are extended for two reasons.

Annual extension

A doctoral scholarship is awarded for a maximum of four years net study time. However, it is usually only approved for one or two years at a time, meaning that the doctoral scholarship is extended annually for one or two years.

The annual extension is administered by the faculty office; no application from the doctoral student is required. However, the doctoral student may be contacted to provide any necessary information.

Extension due to leave and assignments

A doctoral scholarship may exceed four years if there are special reasons, such as:

  • parental leave
  • caring for a sick child
  • approved departmental duties
  • approved leave of absence
  • union work
  • students’ union work.

Hence, the doctoral scholarship may be extended due to leave and assignments. However, it requires a special application from the doctoral student, according to the instructions below.

The application for extension due to leave and assignments must be received by the faculty office no later than three months before the end of the total period of employment.

Please note that any leave and assignments has to be reported and approved if it is to lead to extension of the doctoral scholarship. Sick leave, parental leave, caring for a sick child and leave of absence must be entered into Primula by the doctoral student. All planned leave due to union work and students’ union work must be planned within the framework of the individual study plan.

Advance notice of extension

Doctoral students have the opportunity to receive advance notice of a decision on extensions that are due to leave and assignments. The application must be received by the faculty office no later than 1 November, using the form below.

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