Application procedure

Studying abroad | Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Once you have checked your plans with your study advisor and with the coordinator at the International Office of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, complete an application online and attach the required documents (see below). The link to the application and to the universities to which you can apply is at the bottom of this page.

You must attach the following documents in English to your application:

  • Describe yourself
  • Describe how you intend to incorporate your exchange studies in your degree programme at Lund Unoversity and how this can benefit your future career
  • Anything else you consider worth mentioning
  • 1 A4 page
  • Written in English or in the language in which you will be studying. If you decide to write in another language than English you also need to upload a Swedish translation.

You only have to write one Statement of purpose.

Please name the document: Statement_of_purpose_first name_last name

This is an example of a CV for you to use as a source of inspiration. Your CV must also be written in English.

Please name the document: CV_first name_last name

Some universities (for example in North America, Australien and New Zeeland) require a proof of your level of language proficiency. You do not need to proof your language proficiency in your application to the International Office of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University, however we strongly recommend that you submit some kind of evidence of your language skills in the application to us. If you have an official certificate, you should submit that, otherwise you can for example make test free of charge on the Folkuniversitetet’s webpage. Upload the result in your online application.

Please name the document: Language_certificate_first name_last name

Fill in the Study plan showing which courses you would like to study. Please note that this Study plan is preliminary and that if you are nominated it will most probably be changed when you apply to the host university.

It can be difficult to find course codes and the exact department/faculty offering the course, but you should do your best. What is most important is that you find courses which could be of interest to you, from which you can transfer credits on your return to Lund. You can often find direct links to the websites of the partner universities in the list of the universities to which you can apply.

Remember that this application is addressed to Lund University. If you are nominated, you will make a new application to the host university. You must write a Study plan for each university you apply to.

Study plan

Please name the document: Study_plan_Name of univeristy_first name_last name

Attach a Ladok transcript if you have studied at a university other than Lund University

Transcript_Name of university_First name_Last name

  • Applications are to be made in English. You need to complete your personal details, previous studies, choice of university, etc. Once you have completed your application and uploaded all attachments, click Send. You do not need to submit any paper version of your application.
  • The application deadline is 5 October  24:00 Swedish time during the Autumn semester.
  • The application deadline is 5 March at 24:00 Swedish time during the Spring semester.

Universities included in the call

  • In order to be able to find out which universities are included in the call for applications for exchange studies, we advise you to check this film. Please also check the Pdf-files below to find out when you can go where.
  • You can apply to the following universities if you want to go on exchange studies during the autumn semester 2021, or the spring semester 2022 or the academic year 2021/2022.
  • You can apply to the following universities if you want to go exchange during the spring semester 2022.
  • Available universities will be published on 5 February.

How to apply

  • Go to the website of the database SoleMOVE

  • Select Lund University from the drop-down list
  • Select "SWAMID" and log in with your StiL identity
  • Click on "Advanced search"
  • In the drop-down list under "Application period” select: Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. Click on "Search"
  • All universities that are part of the application will appear
  • To make your application, follow the guide below from page 6 onwards
  • Application guide