Application to the host university

Studying abroad | Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

If you have been nominated, you now fill in an application to the receiving university, which always takes the final decision on admission. Your coordinator will help you with the application procedure.

Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

The ones who have been nominated will receive information about the next steps to take as well as information about the Online Learning Agreement. A Learning Areement is a Study plan you need to fill in before you leave for your exchange study period and it is obligatory. However, it is only for those who are going on exchange studies via Erasmus+ (most of our European partner universities). You can find information about how to proceed with you OLA here.

Letter of Acceptance

You have applied online or via the forms to the receiving university. Now you wait for a positive response from the coordinator there. Usually there is a formal Letter of Acceptance sent out in good time before the start of the study period, but not all universities do this. You may be contacted via email and receive a simple confirmation that way. If you are uncertain and have not received any notification, you can consult your coordinator in Lund. Often an email from you to the host university is sufficient; save the confirmation you receive in return and use it as a Letter of Acceptance.

NB! Always leave a copy of your letter of acceptance with our office!

Registration in Ladok

Your coordinator in Lund will register you in Ladok as an exchange student for the semester/s you are abroad. The registration is made approximately one month before your departure. This registration can be seen by CSN in its databases, allowing the organisation to pay out your student finance for studies abroad, if you have applied for it. If necessary, your coordinator can send a form to CSN (form 5524) to certify that you have been admitted to exchange studies.