Step by step - how to proceed

Teacher exchange

  1. Contact the HT International Office and state your wish to go on a teacher exchange. If there is no teacher exchange agreement within Erasmus+ with the university you wish to visit, the Office can set one up. In that case, the details of your academic contact on location at the host university are needed. When the agreement has been set up, you can start your application.
  2. Go to the online application
  3. Click “STA – Teacher exchange for teaching” and “Apply”.
  4. Choose Academic year, and then enter your personal identity number.
  5. Carefully fill in the form called “Registration”. The information entered forms the basis for the other application documents that will be generated. The “Contact person” (under “Your personal data”) is your Head of Department. Choose “Submit”.
  6. An application has now been created in your name. The application has a file number (three letters, three figures – e.g., STA-123) which you can use together with your personal identification number in order to access the database and change or add to your information later on. (In that case, use the link “I have already applied for the scholarship and want to see my file” on the start page).
  7. Choose “Open my file” at the bottom of that page.
  8. Now you enter a page where you can see your name and the application(-s) you have made. For the current application, there are three documents that can be opened. They are called “Mobility Agreement”, “Grant Agreement”, and “Mobility Costs”.
  9. Choose “Print Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement”. Print this document, sign it, have your Head of Department sign it and then send the document to your contact person at the host university, in order to be signed and stamped there. A scanned copy works well.
  10. Choose “Print Erasmus+ Grant Agreement”. Print out this document as well and sign it.
  11. Choose “Print Mobility Costs”. Fill in the date of your planned exchange. NB! State the Cost Centre and Activity of your department. If you are not sure about what these are, please contact the financial administrator at your department. After the mobility, your department receives Erasmus+ funding from the LU External Relations Office. Choose “Submit”, print out and sign the form (which is now called “Statement of Costs”).
  12. NB! All three documents must be printed, signed, scanned and sent by email to ingrid.temlerer.luse with a copy to (the HT International Office).
  13. When you receive your “Erasmus+ Grant Agreement” from Ingrid Temler with her signature, your teacher exchange has been formally approved.
  14. When your mobility has been approved, you will receive from the HT International Office an email containing information about the administrative part of the mobility. A copy of this email will be sent to the financial administrator at your department. He/she will also receive information on the sum of money which your department will receive from Erasmus+ after your exchange, based on the number of days that you will be abroad, and your destination. You are advised to follow the faculty’s regulations regarding costs. All other expenses (costs for members of family who travel with you, course and
    conference fees, et c.) will not be covered by the faculty, but will need to be approved by your department prior to your departure!
  15. When your application for mobility has been formally approved, you may go ahead and book your travel and accommodation through ViaEgencia.
  16. Have a pleasant trip!
  17. From Ingrid Temler you will also get a final form, a “Certificate of Attendance”. This is to be completed and signed by your contact person at the host university. This document must also be sent to ingrid.temlerer.luse with a copy to internationalht.luse.
  18. Once you are back, you file a travel expense report as usual in Primula Res and attach all receipts for your teacher exchange (read more under “Reimbursement”, in the menu on the left).
  19. NB! You will get a final email from the Erasmus Mobility Tool with a link to a report page. Completing the report is compulsory – otherwise no Erasmus funds will be granted! You will be asked to evaluate your teacher exchange. Remember that your report can be useful for future exchange teachers. If the date of the mobility has changed or has been uncertain from the start, this report may be sent out before or after the mobility. You do not need to reply until you have completed your mobility.
Thank you for your patience!
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