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Academic system

The academic year is divided into two semesters of approximately 20 weeks each. For exchange students, the autumn semester starts in August and runs to around the middle of January. Spring semester starts in the middle of January and runs to the beginning of June.

A full workload equals 30 ECTS credits per semester. Most courses are offered at least once a year, and some every semester. Not all courses have the same duration. Some courses last the entire semester, while others are between 3 to 10 weeks long.

Courses and programmes taught in English

There are several courses taught in English and other foreign languages, and there are eleven international Master’s programmes, if you have already reached that level in your studies. Some programmes have selected courses that may be studied as freestanding courses.


Below you can find courses offered in English and other languages during the academic year 2022/2023. Note that all courses for spring 2023 are not yet finalised and so the course list is subject to changes. Please note:

  • Courses preceded by ∆ do not require any special prerequisites other than one year of academic studies which all exchange students have by definition. The medium of instruction is English unless stated otherwise.
  • Courses with * next to them are online courses, and thus teaching will not be on campus. We encourage incoming exchange students to primarily take courses that are in person. 


ARAN02 Arabic Poetry and Fiction I, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

Central and Eastern European Studies 

∆ SASH62 Communism in East and Central Europe: Present, Past, and Future Perspectives, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ÖCKR10 Central and Eastern European Studies: Understanding Belarus and Ukraine, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level) *

Comparative Literature

∆ SASH16 Survey of Swedish Literature, 7.5 credits. Spring.

European Studies

∆ SASH91 European Integration at a Crossroads: History, Identities and Values, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

EUHR07 Russia and Eastern Europe - the Present and the Past, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level) *

English Language Studies 

ENGC03 Written Proficiency and Academic Writing, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ENGD01 English in Society, 15 credits. Autumn.

ENGD02 English Literature, Film and Moving Images, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ENGD03 English: Elective Course, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • NB! The elective courses for 2022/2023 have not been announced yet, but previous courses offered in the past includes 20th Century Feminism, Identity and Desire in Early Modern Writing and The Problem of Evil in English Literature: From Drama to Detective Fiction.

ENGE43 English: Elective Course, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ENGE44 English: Elective Course, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ENGE28 Elective Course, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

ENGE36 English Linguistics: Theory and Method, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGK01 (0702)

ENGE35 English Literature: Theory and Method, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGK01 (0701)

ENGE24 English Literary History, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA22 (1802)

ENGE27 English Grammar, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA22 (1801)

ENGE17 Grammar, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1801)

ENGE26 English: Linguistic Analysis, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA22 (1803)

ENGE25 Literary Analysis, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA22 (1804)

ENGE16 English: Vocabulary, 3 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1802)

ENGE15 Academic Writing, 5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1805)

ENGE14 Phonetics and Pronunciation, 4.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1803)

ENGE13 English History and Culture, 2.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1804)

ENGE12 English Literature, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

  • Equivalent to ENGA04 (1806)

ENGM13 Linguistic Variation in English, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

Film Studies 

∆ SASH03 Swedish Film 7.5 credits. Autumn.

FIVA05 Scandinavian and European Film Culture, 30 credits. Autumn.*

FIVA06 Scandinavian and European Film: Culture and History in Film and Television, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

FIVA07 Scandinavian and European Film: Festivals, Criticism, Society, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

FIVA08 Scandinavian and European Film: Migration and Ethnicity, 7.5 credits. Autumn.* 

FIVA09 Scandinavian and European Film: Celebrities, Auteurs and Film Movements, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

TVXA11 Aesthetics of Crisis: Health and Well-being, 3 credits. Autumn.*

French Studies 

  • Courses are taught in French.

FRAA11 French: Level 1, 30 credits. Autumn and spring.

FRAA12 French: Level 2, 30 credits. Autumn and spring.

FRAK11 French: B. A. Course, 30 credits. Autumn.

FRAM19 Contemporary Linguistic Theory Applied on French, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

German Studies

  • Courses are taught in German.

TYSD01 German: Written proficiency, 7.5 credits. Autumn. 

TYSD02 Early German Literature, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

TYSD04 German: Textual Study, including Literary and Cultural History, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

TYSD06 German: Oral Proficiency, Including Textual Studies and Life and Institutions, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

Hebrew Studies 

HEBA10 Modern Hebrew: Elementary Course I, 15 credits. Autumn. 

Italian Studies 

  • Courses are taught in Italian.

ITAA01 Italian: Level 1, 30 credits. Autumn.

ITAB14 Cantautori - Italian Singer-Songwriters, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

Latin Studies 

LATM10 Latin: Ancient Prose and Poetry, 15 credits. Autumn.*


∆ SASH26 Diversity of the World's Languages, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

LIND03 Phonetics: Theories of Production and Perception, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

LIND06 Linguistics: Introduction to Research Methods in Linguistics, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

LIND07 Linguistics: Introduction to Psycholinguistics, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

LINB26 Linguistics: Language Acquisition and Processing, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

LINN21 Linguistics: A Typological Case Study, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LINN25 Linguistics: The Origins of Language, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

SEMN02 Cognitive semiotics: Meaning, Mind and Communication, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

ALSM21 General Linguistics: Language and the Brain, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

FONM11 Experimental Phonetics, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)


LIVR50 Literature - Culture - Media: An Introduction, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR74 Yiddish Modernism, 1907-1954, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR65 The Picture Book Today, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR33 Contemporary Writing in English, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR81 German Literature After the Wall, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR22 Advanced Russian Literary Studies, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR51 Literary Theory and Method, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

LIVR34 The Study of Literature in the French Language - an Introduction, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

  • Taught in French.

LIVR55 Social Critique and Aesthetics in the Contemporary Spanish Novel, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

  • Taught in Spanish.

Middle Eastern Studies 

∆ SASH23 Introduction to the Middle East, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH38 Governance and Conflict in the Middle East, 7.5 credits. Spring.

Greek (Ancient and Byzantine) 

Modern Greek Studies 

NYGM11 History of the Greek Language with Focus on Late Byzantine to Modern Times, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

NYGM12 Greek Literary History from Byzantine Time to the Present, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

NYGM13 Specialization in Modern Greek Literature, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

NYGR15 Modern Greek: Language variation in Modern Greek, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

Russian Studies

∆ RYSB01 Elementary Course I, 15 credits. Autumn.

RYSA28 Oral and Written Proficiency, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

Spanish Studies

  • Courses are taught in Spanish.

SPAA10 Spanish: Level 1, 30 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAA20 Spanish: Level 2, 30 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAA03 Spanish: Level 3, 30 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAA23 Spanish: Academic Writing 6 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAB05 Thematic Course I, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAB06 Thematic Course II, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SPAM14 Written Proficiency in Spanish, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

Swedish Language Studies 

∆ SVEE11 Swedish for Exchange Students: Level 1, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SVEE12 Swedish for Exchange Students: Level 2, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SVEE13 Swedish for Exchange Students: Level 3, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SVEE14 Swedish for Exchange Students: Level 4, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

SFSA15 Svenska som främmande språk: Nivå 5, 7.5 credits. Spring.

SFSA16 Svenska som främmande språk: Nivå 6, 7.5 credits. Spring.

SVEF28 Swedish for Students with a Foreign Background: Phonetics and Pronunciation (taught in Swedish), 7.5 credits. Autumn.


∆ YIDD10 Yiddish: Beginner's Course I, 15 credits. Autumn.

YIDD11 Yiddish: Language and Literature, Level 1 A, 15 credits. Autumn.*

YIDC03 Jewish Cultural Responses to the Holocaust, 15 credits. Autumn.*

∆ SASH02 Archaeology: Viking Age Scandinavia, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH39 The Roman Empire, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH85 The Emergence of European Culture, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH79 Barbarians and Romans, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH35 Globalization in the Pre-Modern World, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH73 Health and Diet through Human History, 7.5 credits. Spring.

ARKN11 Archaeology and Ancient History: Archaelogical Theory and Material Culture, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

ARKN14 Archaeological Studies of Human Landscapes, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

ARKN15 Archaeology and Ancient History: Field Archaeology in Theory and Practice, 30 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

ARKN19 Archaeology and Ancient History: Independent Study Course - Second Cycle, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

∆ IMSB20 Intermedia Studies: The Rhetoric of Advertising in the Modern Media I, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ ILHB33 Classics of Western Thought, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH56 Modern Design in Scandinavia, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH59 Gastronomy: Sustainable Eating, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH60 Swedish Society and Everyday Life, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH80 Swedish Music in Contemporary Culture, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH83 Technology and Swedish Culture: Historical Perspectives, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH55 Introduction to Scandinavian Culture and Society, 7.5 credits. Autumn and spring.

IMSB24 Intermedia Studies: The Rhetoric of Advertising in the Modern Media II, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

IMSB23 Intermedia Studies: The Aesthetics of Popular Culture, 7.5 credits. Spring.

IMSB25 The Aesthetics of the Total Work of Art 7.5 credits. Spring.

IMSB26 The Aesthetics of Popular Live Culture 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH74 Swedish Art in a Scandinavian Context, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH61 Cultural Perspectives on Health, Lifestyle and Medicine, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH86 Food, Tradition and Innovation, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH99 Lund University in the Global World, 7.5 credits. Spring.

ABMA18 Cultural Sciences: Intellectual Property and Digital Information - Law, Politics and Culture, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

KOVN07 Visual Culture: Theory and Methodology, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

KOVN13 Visual Culture: Histories of Modern Visuality, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

MUVN01 Sound Studies in Theory and Practice, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

∆ SASH64 Swedish History from a Nordic Perspective, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH63 Swedish Politics - Past and Present, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH65 History of the Holocaust, 7.5 credits. Spring.

MRSM11 Human Rights in the History of Politics and Philosophy, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

MRSM12 Human Rights in the Global World: Agents, Indicators, and Institutions, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM32 East and South-East Asia's Role in the Global Economy, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM33 Human Rights in East and South-East Asia, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM34 Development Theories and Issues in East and South-East Asia, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM37 East and South-East Asia in Global and Regional Politics, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM38 Religion and Society in East and South-East Asia, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSM39 Documentary Film in East and South-East Asia, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

COSB30 China Today - Political Developments, Societal Issues and Global Influences, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

COSB40 Contemporary South-East Asia - Political Developments and Societal Issues, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

COSB55 Contemporary Japanese Society, 7.5 credits. Autumn.*

∆ MHIA11 Media History: Level 1, 30 credits. Autumn.

∆ MHIA13 Media History: From Stone Tablets to Bookprint, Media History before 1600, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ MHIA14 Media History: Newspapers among other Media, 1600-1850, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ MHIA15 Media History: The Rise of the Modern Media Society, 1850-1940, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ MHIA16 Media History: Old and New Media after 1940, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH67 Media and Armed Conflicts - Past and Present, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH69 Media and the History of Political Rhetoric, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH82 Intercultural Communication, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH68 Critical Animal Studies - Animals in Society, Culture and the Media, 7.5 credits. Spring.

MKVN06 Media and Communication Studies: Media and Political Engagement, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

MKVN09 Media, Health and Society, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

∆ SASH92 AI through the Looking-Glass: Theories and Methods to Study Human-Robots Interactions, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH81 One World, One Language, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH66 One World, One Morality, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH49 Religion and Politics, 7.5 credits. Autumn.

∆ SASH76 The Religious Impact of Migration in Sweden, 7.5 credits. Spring.

∆ SASH89 Inter-religious Relations: Conflict and Community in the Historical Past and the Lived Present, 7.5 credits. Spring.

TRVA16 Religious Roots of Europe: Sayings and Stories as Educational Tools in Early and Medieval Christianity, 10 credits. Autumn.

HUXD01 Editing and Transcribing Premodern Texts: Digital Tools, Methods and Resources, 7.5 credits. Autumn.* 

RHBM79 Islamic Studies - Islam and the Politics of Everyday Life in the Middle East, 7.5 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

TRVN03 Religious Roots of Europe: Thesis Colloquium, 10 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

TRVN11 Religious Roots of Europe: The Emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, 15 credits. Autumn. (Advanced level)

TRVN15 Religious Roots of Europe: The Study of Ancient Religion, 15 credits. (Advanced level)

TRVN16 Religious Roots of Europe: Rabbinic Texts and Theology, 10 credits. (Advanced level)

SAS courses

The SAS courses (Special Area Studies courses) give an overview of an interesting and relevant subject area connected to various Scandinavian, European and global issues. The courses are targeted at exchange students regardless of discipline, and are also accessible to all (Swedish and international) regular students.

Study Swedish

If you want to develop your Swedish language skills while in Lund, you may apply for a SUSA course (3 ECTS), and a SVEE course (7.5 ECTS).


Students who have A2 on the CEFR- scale can apply for SVEE12 or SVEE13. Those who passed level B1 or higher are welcome to apply for SVEE14 or SFSA15. To secure that the students are divided into appropriate groups, their skills are tested through a Swedish level test a few days before the introduction meeting for the SVEE courses.

Courses and programmes taught in Swedish

The Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer a large number of subjects to choose from.

Write a paper or thesis

While in Lund, would you like to write a paper or thesis, a project that was initiated at your home university? You are welcome to do so, but unfortunately we are not able to provide you with a supervisor at Lund University. Your home supervisor will be the one to help you throughout your project.


It's your own responsibility to check the schedules and make sure that there is no collision between your courses.

You can generate your own schedule by combining courses, modules and groups or search for a particular room or staff using the schedule generator.

How to use:

  1. Select search option "Course” or “Course part”
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  4. In the schedule view, you can choose to customize the view via "Customize" in the upper right. 
  5. You can also choose several courses at the same time to check any schedule clashes 

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