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Courses and programmes taught in English

There are several courses taught in English and other foreign languages, and there are nine international Master’s programmes, if you have already reached that level in your studies. Some programmes have selected courses that may be studied as freestanding courses. (PDF)

SAS courses

The SAS Courses (Special Area Studies courses) give an overview of an interesting and relevant subject area connected to various Scandinavian, European and global issues. The courses are targeted at exchange students regardless of discipline, and are also accessible to all (Swedish and international) regular students.

Study Swedish

You may apply for a SUSA course, 3 ECTS credits, and a SVEE course, 7.5 ECTS credits.

Courses and programmes taught in Swedish

The Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer a large number of subjects to choose from.

Write a paper or thesis

While in Lund, would you like to write a paper or thesis, a project that was initiated at your home university? You are welcome to do so, but unfortunately we are not able to provide you with a supervisor at Lund University. Your home supervisor will be the one to help you throughout your project.


It's your own responsibility to check the schedules and make sure that there is no collision between your courses.

You can generate your own schedule by combining courses, modules and groups or search for a particular room or staff using the schedule generator.

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