Exploring everyday life

Exploring everyday life

Billy Ehn, Orvar Löfgren, Richard Wilk
Exploring everyday life. Strategies for ethnography and cultural analysis


ISBN: 9780759124073, 9780759124066, 9780759124059
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

The numerous tasks and routines that shape our daily existence can seem mundane, even invisible—and yet they play an extremely powerful role in structuring and reproducing society. Exploring Everyday Life casts light on these so-called trivialities, serving as both a guide to the invisible world of the everyday and an instruction manual for first-time explorers.

Ehn, Lofgren, and Wilk demonstrate how to use a broad array of ethnographic tools to discover, map, and document new and unexplored territories and guide readers through the process of cultural analysis. Their concrete examples shed light on how a study or paper assignment can evolve and point to how cultural analysis of everyday life can be practically applied in business, government, and other arenas outside of academia.