... For reader/buyer

I want to buy a book; how do I proceed?
Our books can be purchased via a web shop attached to this page. A button with the text Buy this book appears beside the books that are for sale. If you click on it you will come to the relevant publication series in the web shop, where you can buy the book via credit card. If you want to go straight to the web shop, click here. Then go to "Books from the Faculties of Humanities and Theology", where you can browse among out available books. At the moment, this service is unfortunately only available via our Swedish-speaking pages. It will soon also be arranged from the English version of our site.

I am looking for a book published by Kungliga Humanistiska Vetenskapssamfundet; why can’t I find it?
Kungliga Humanistiska Vetenskapssamfundet is not part of Lund University. To contact them, visit their homepage.

I am looking for a book published by the Regional Archives in Lund; why can’t I find it?

The Regional Archives in Lund are not part of Lund University. For information on their publications, see Riksarkivet.

... For publisher

I am a publisher and have published books by HT researchers. How do I ensure they are visible here, or increase their visibility here?
Our list of externally published books includes titles from 2010 onwards, which means that we will not be highlighting books that are older than that. If we have missed a book which ought to be included, we are happy to receive information about it.

If you have more material about a book that we are showing on the site, we are happy to receive cover images, back cover texts and a table of contents in digital form to enter into our system. You are of course welcome to let us know if you want us to remove a cover that we have included.

I would like to send you cover pictures, in what format do you want them?
For the best result please let the cover pictures be between 1500 and 1800 pixels in width, saved in jpg-format, and preferably not larger than 3 MB.

... For author/editor

I am a HT researcher, why isn’t my published book on the homepage?
There are several possible reasons for this. One is that the book falls outside the timeframe we have set up, in which only books from 2010 onwards appear. Another possible reason is that you have not registered your book in LUCRIS, so we can’t find it. If you enter it into LUCRIS we will be able to retrieve it and include it in our system. A third possibility is that we have simply missed the book even though it is present in LUCRIS. If so, get in touch with us and we will correct the error.


I am the editor of a publication series which I can’t find on the homepage. Why is my series not included?
If your series is published by Lund University and belongs in humanities and theology it should be here. If we have missed it – get in touch, and we will put it right.

I am the editor of a journal /Working Papers series which I can’t find on the homepage. Why is it not included?
If your journal/WP is published by Lund University and belongs in humanities and theology, it should be included in our collection of links. If we have missed it – get in touch, and we will put it right.

I am the editor of a journal /Working Papers series and want this to be available for sale in print via the homepage. Is this possible?
Yes, if it is produced in print we can include it in our system and sell it, once the web shop is in place. Please contact us and give us information on what issues are to be included and we will put them in our system.

I have published a scholarly book with a publishing house which is no longer selling it. Can you sell it for me?
Yes, if you as an author have recovered the sales rights to your book from a publishing house and have copies of the book, we can help you sell them. This applies regardless of the date of publication. This also applies to books you have published yourself. In that case, we can include the book into our system and our stock, and once the web shop is up and running your book will feature there. Please note, however, that the same applies here as to other books, namely that you as an author will not get any money back from the sale of the book. What you do get is increased exposure and dissemination and we manage the whole process.

I have published a book which is only available electronically. Can it be included on the homepage?
Yes. We are happy to link to electronic publications under the heading Working Papers and electronic series. An example of what an electronic book can look like is the book Translation adaption, interpretation, transformation. It has been published using the publishing tool Open Journal Systems, which is particularly suitable for anthologies. UB can answer questions on Open Journal Systems and provide assistance. Contact them via email on publiceralub.luse.