Our publication series

Subjects within the humanities and theology in Lund produce approximately forty different publication series – from Absalon to Ugglan. Most of them are published by Lund University alone while others are published by the University in cooperation with publishing houses or other higher education institutions.

Here all the series are listed under four different main headings: Philosophy and Religion; History and Archaeology; Cultural Sciences; Media History and Languages and Literature. If you prefer to have the whole list of the series in alphabetical order, click All series in alphabetical order.

If you click Non-serial books you come to University-published books that are not included in any of the publication series.

Under the heading Our books in English, you find the English-language books we have published since 2000, and under Other foreign languages you can similarly search for books in French, German, Italian and Spanish. In All volumes... you can search among the titles in alphabetical and chronological order.