Higher Sem in Practical Philosophy: Marianna Leventi "Where is the “moral” in moral luck?"

25 November 2021 13:15 to 15:00 Seminar

Marianna Leventi (LU) will give a self-contained talk at the Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy, with the title

"Where is the “moral” in moral luck?"


Bernard Williams in Moral luck (1981) introduces the example of Gauguin.

Gauguin, the protagonist of the story is a husband and father, but his main interest is elsewhere. He has a different dream than living a family life, he wants to become a great painter. He decides that in order to help his professional development he must leave his family. He decides to leave his family to pursue a career as an artist.

I suggest we evaluate Gauguin based on his immoral action (leaving his family) regardless of the result (to become a great artist or not). He still violates his moral obligations to his family and still has reason to believe that his behavior is morally unacceptable - no matter how successful he is.

In this presentation I will present the case of Gauguin. I will distinguish between what I call " justificatory" and "moral" luck. Then I will show why I think Gauguin's example fails. I will end the talk by proposing improved versions of this example in an attempt to explore what makes an example of moral luck accurate.


The meeting will be In Room LuxB538. However, if you prefer to attend the meeting via zoom, send a mailrequest to Toni.Ronnow-Rasmussen@fil.lu.se


About the event:

25 November 2021 13:15 to 15:00



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