New research on old Skateholm

21 May 2022 09:00 to 12:30 Seminar


09:00     Welcome and a brief presentation of the aim of the ongoing seminar excavation at Skateholm

09:10     Lars Larsson: Once upon a time we excavated in Skateholm

09:30     Torbjörn Ahlström: Bioarchaeological studies on the skeletal remains from Skateholm

09:50    Anna Tornberg: From the foragers of Skateholm to the farmers of Falbygden - Stature and the Neolithic transition

10:10     Aija Macane: Stone Age Companions at Skateholm: animal remains from human burials

10:30     Discussion

10:50     Ola Magnell: Hunting at Skateholm

11:10    Adam Boethius: Stone Age mobility patterns at the sites Skateholm, Norje Sunnansund and Västerbjers

11:30    Natalija Kashuba & Per Persson: Scanian Mesolithic DNA

11:50     Kurt Gron: Peptide-based sex determination at Skateholm

12:10     Discussion

After the symposium there will be an excursion to Skateholm, the number of available seats on the bus is limited and only a few seats are remaining. If you are interested in participating please email adam.boethius@ark.lu.se


About the event:

21 May 2022 09:00 to 12:30

LUX C 121


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