Before and during your stay abroad

Things to consider before departure

  • Insurance
    Your department can provide you with travel insurance from Kammarkollegiet at no extra cost. Regardless of what insurance cover you have, you should also have the European Health Insurance Card from the Social Insurance Office with you for stays within Europe. This entitles you to rebates on your healthcare costs. 

    Order your health insurance card here
  • Contact information
    E.g. the number which blocks your debit card; also make sure that your next of kin have your contact information, travel plan and flight number.
  • Presents for those who will be receiving you at the host institution are a nice touch (e.g. LU-specific gifts).

During your stay abroad

  • Take the opportunity to present LU to students and/or employees during your stay.
  • It is a good idea to meet any LU students who are at the host university at the same time as you. Ask the HT International Office for contact information for these students.

More information

More information on business travel here.
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