HT-samtal #41 – Hedersdoktorer 2017: Ulrike Hahn

Publiceringsdatum: 10 juli 2017

Om avsnittet: In 2017 The Faculties of Humanities and Theology appointed six honorary doctors. In the days leading up to the conferment ceremony on 2 June, a number of lectures and talks featuring the honorary doctors were held in Lund. Everything was recorded and is presented here as podcasts. Part 3 of 6: a lecture by Ulrike Hahn.

Ulrike Hahn is a professor of psychology at Birkbeck University in London. She has a background in law but her current research lies in the interface between cognitive psychology and philosophy, where she has managed to build new bridges between disciplines.

Professor Hahn has collaborated with the Department of Philiosophy at Lund University for a number of years. The Faculty of Humanities decided to name Ulrike Hahn Honorary Doctor for her demonstration of how abstract theories of thinking and developed rationality – especially by researchers at the Department of Philosophy – can be applied in a number of sectors of society and contribute to the understanding of otherwise elusive contemporary phenomena such as polarisation of opinions and climate change scepticism.

Ulrike Kahn's lecture, recorded at LUX on June 1st 2017, is called "Norms for Real World Argument".



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