HT-samtal #60 – Robert D. Resnick

Publiceringsdatum: 16 juni 2018

Om avsnittet: In 2018, the Faculty of Theology at Lund University appointed two honorary doctors: Professor Elias Bongmba and Robert D. Resnick. On May 24, they both visited the Faculty and held open lectures.

Robert D. Resnick is a real estate entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He chairs the Ravensbrück campaign of the Lund University Foundation. As you will hear in this lecture, he was an exchange student at Lund University in 1971−72, and has over the years worked for the University in various capacities within the context of the Lund University Foundation.

Robert D. Resnick’s most important contribution to Lund University involves the digitisation of the Ravensbrück Archive at the University Library. Thanks to his personal contribution and his persistent work in attracting donations to this project, the library has been able to digitise and translate into English large parts of the archive, thereby making it accessible to a wide circle of researchers and a keen general public through a web portal.

Robert D. Resnick's lecture, recorded at LUX on May 24, 2018, is called "Voices from the Holocaust: The Story of the Ravensbrück Archive".

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