Cognitive Semiotics Seminar: Signs and Other Meanings: The Psychology and Archaeology of Semiosis (Göran Sonesson)

16 september 2021 15:15 till 17:00 Seminarium

This will be another "reading seminar", where Göran would like to discuss the next part of his forthcoming book: the first half of Chapter 2, with the sections: 2.1 The Lifeworld as the Original Science of Normalcy and Normativity 2.2. Signs in the Human Lifeworld 2.3. The Emergence of the Picture Sign The document will be uploaded the latest one week before the seminar.

Chapter 2F.pdf

The task of the second chapter of my forthcoming book is to show that there are other kinds of meaning than signs, but also to demonstrate that the picture indeed is a sign. The first section will be concerned with meanings as they encounter us directly in the Lifeworld, whether these are purely perceptual or culturally relayed. This will give us the occasion to demonstrate that, at least in an elementary way, the cognition that goes on in the Lifeworld is already embodied, enacted, embedded, extended and distributed. It also builds on the human Umwelt, to which it adds regularities which serve to establish both normalcy and normativity. In the second section, we will have a thorough look on the notion of sign, both as it has emerged historically, and how it is acquired by every new generation of children, taking our inspiration both from Husserl and from Piaget. The task of the third section is to show that, given the characteristics of the sign as now delineated, the picture is a clear-cut example of a sign, which does not mean that it cannot also contain other kinds of meanings. We here have recourse to developmental studies of children, but also make an excursion into the place of the picture within human evolution. The chapter has three more sections, which will be offered for discussion at a later occasion.

Note: In the manuscript as it will be available, some of the figures are only to be considered placeholders for the figures in the book.


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16 september 2021 15:15 till 17:00



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