LAMiNATE Talks: Tina Gunnarsson (Lund University). Preparing multilingual students to write a text in English L2

30 november 2021 15:15 till 16:30 Seminarium


Multilingual students employing their linguistic repertoires for the purposes of acquiring or producing a non-native language has gained a great deal of interest in recent years (e.g. Axelrod & Cole 2018; Barbour & Lickorish Quinn 2020; Bauer, Presiado & Colomer 2017; Galante 2020; García & Wei 2014; Gunnarsson 2019; Kiramba 2017; Torpsten 2018). While accumulating research suggests that allowing translanguaging space in L2 instruction is beneficial (e.g., Abney & Krulatz 2015; DiCamilla & Antón 2012), many factors still contribute to the compartmentalization of languages in language instruction in Swedish schools and the advocation of the monolingual principle as explained by Howatt (1984). This talk is a presentation of the data collected for my PhD project, in which a series of lessons were planned and executed in two year nine classes using writing research and a translanguaging approach as basis. The aims of the lessons were to equip students with strategies for writing, such as backtranslating, rehearsing and postponing and to show them how to tap into their complete linguistic resources to aid their idea-generation and to solve problems such as lexical gaps in their writing. A combination of sociocultural theory and translanguaging will be used to present tentative results on teacher and student attitudes towards the lesson series and to discuss possible pedagogical implications.

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30 november 2021 15:15 till 16:30



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