On People in Populism and Religion (The Second of Three Populist Online Seminars)

14 oktober 2021 16:15 till 18:00 Seminarium

On People in Populism and Religion
- Ervik Cejvan

Reviewing religion through the critique of ideology will reveal the formations of ideology itself. This approach bases on observation that the religious organisation of human life precedes and conditions its political organisation. This allows for the critique and analysis of the transmissions and omissions of the particularities of the religious organisation in the political organisation. Employing the logic of displacement at work here, we will establish first steps toward the analysis of the function of the people, in religion and populism. In the instance of the people, we will see, the interpolation of religion in populism, is not incidental. Religion is the primal form of the organisation of the people. Populism is its current expression, of the impossibility of establishing a true religious/democratic universalism.

Ervik Cejvan is affiliated researcher in philosophy of religion at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University. His research interests include the philosophical applications of psychoanalytic theory, the interpretations of religion in political philosophy and social sciences, and the expressions of religion in populism and nationalism. In January 2021 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis Critique of Exaggeration: Thinking Beyond.

NB The previously announced seminar with Marc Boss is postponed due to personal reasons.


Next seminar:

November 25, 16h15-18h00
Populist Discourse, Authenticity and Violence
— Patrik Fridlund, Lund


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14 oktober 2021 16:15 till 18:00

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