I am interested in vision, attention and individual differences in cognition in normal and clinical groups, particularly Williams Syndrome and Autism. The main topic of my PhD (completed Sept. 2011) was the relationship between eye movements and attention, and the viability of using eye movement parameters to infer dorsal versus ventrally driven attentional states. As part of this research I investigated eye movements in a clinical group with dorsal stream interruption. I am also interested in the development of analysis methods and measures in eye movement data, and in assistive technologies using eye movements as an input. I am the Chair of the steering board for the COGAIN (Communication through Gaze Interaction) Association, and previously a member of the board of management for the COGAIN EU Network of Excellence, funded by FP6, 2004-2009. I am a member of two technical committees for the development of international standards in eye tracking. I come from Dublin, Ireland.



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  • Mulvey, F., Perrone, G. & Holmqvist, K. (submitted). Interpolating accurate saccade peak velocity measures and velocity profiles from low sample frequency data. Behavior Research Methods. The Psychonomic Society.

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Awarded a Deutsche Akademische Austauch Dienst Young Researchers fellowship for Britain and Ireland, 2006-2009, for research in attention, eye movements and individual differences in Cognition, carried out in the Dept. of Psychology, TU-Dresden, Germany.

Invited young researcher at the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting for Medicine and Physiology, 2007.

Member of the Steering Board for the COGAIN (Communication through Gaze Interaction) EU Network of Excellence, funded under FP6 'Information Society Technologies' 2006-2009

Elected Chair of the COGAIN Association, 2008 - Present

Invited Lecture for the COGAIN conference, 2007 'Attention and Eye Movements'.

Member & Secretary of the CIE Technical Committee for the development of an international standard for the use of infra-red light in eyetracking, 2008-Present

Member & Secretary of the COGAIN Technical Committee for the development of an international standard for eye data quality, 2010-Present

Higher Research masters (MPhil) Cognitive Psychology 'Cognitive style and eye movements', National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD), 2006.

BA Psych (Hons), University College Dublin, 2003.

Diploma in Philosophy, Milltown Institute, Dublin, 2000.

Fiona Mulvey



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