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Wouldn't it be exciting and educational to study abroad for a semester or two? Students at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology have great opportunities to make this dream come true. We have over 90 partner universities in Europe and beyond, and you can also receive a grant if you travel to one of the Faculties' Erasmus partners.

The main application round takes place in the autumn and remaining places are announced in the spring.

You can even do an exchange after completing your studies, but you must have submitted the application during your final semester and you must not have graduated.

You can find a list of all partner universities here, but please note that not all of them are available during each application round. Lists of which universities are open for applications in the different application rounds and be found in the Canvas course.

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Universität Wien


Universiteit Gent


University of Zagreb – Humanities and Education
University of Zagreb – Political Science

Czech Republic

Charles University, Prague
Masaryk University, Brno 


University of Copenhagen
(This is not an Erasmus agreement, thus no scholarship is included)


Université de Sorbonne, Paris 4
Université Lumière Lyon 2
Université Paris-Saclay*
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3


Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Ludwig Maximiliam Universität München*
Universität Greifswald
Universität Potsdam
Universität Regensburg


University of Athens


Eötvös Loránd University, ELTE, Budapest
University of Szeged*


University of Iceland, Reykjavik


University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Galway


Sapienza Università di Roma
Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia
Università degli studi di Bologna
Università degli studi di Bologna, Rimini
Universitè degli stud di Firenze – Humanities
Università degli studi di Firenze – Political science
Universita degli studi Milano
Università degli studi Roma Tre
Università per Stranieri, Perugia


Vilnius University 


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 
Jagiellonian University, Humanities, Krakow 
Jagiellonian University, Political Science and International Relations, Krakow  
University of Warsaw 


University of Porto*


Comenius University in Bratislava 


Universidad de Malaga
Universidad de Zaragoza


Universität Zürich

The Netherlands

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Universiteit Leiden
Universiteit Utrecht


Koç University, Istanbul

United Kingdom

Lancaster University
The University of Edinburgh*
University of Birmingham
University of East Anglia, Norwich
University of Glasgow
University of Kent, Canterbury
University of Nottingham*
University of Southampton
University of St Andrews University (Humanities and Theology)
University of Sussex, Brighton
University of York

(Due to Brexit, the budget for Erasmus+ scholarships is lower than before, which may affect the size of scholarship. The size of the scholarship depends on the number of students nominated to the United Kingdom.

*These universities are university-wide agreements, and they are coordinated by the External Relations Office.


American University of Cairo*


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
(Includes an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scholarship. Applicable during the spring 2022 application period.)


University of Jordan, Amman*
Yarmouk University, Irbid


American University of Beirut*


Bethlehem University
(Includes an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scholarship​​​​​​​. Applicable during the spring 2022 application period.)

*These universities are university-wide agreements, and they are coordinated by the External Relations Office.

South Africa

University of Pretoria*

*This university is a university-wide agreement, and it is coordinated by the External Relations Office.


University of Buenos Aires*


Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago*


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Lima

*These universities are university-wide agreements, and they are coordinated by the External Relations Office.

Croatian village

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