Doctoral Studies

Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Doctoral Studies

The joint faculties of Humanities and Theology offers third-cycle studies in a large number of different disciplines. The joint faculties hosts more than 150 PhD students and each year about 30 doctoral theses are presented.

About doctoral studies

A PhD degree is the highest formal education available. A Swedish PhD forms a total of 240 ECTS credits, equalling four years of full-time study. Third-cycle studies consist of both course work and of research work. The aim of the research work is to produce a doctoral thesis, that is defended at a public seminar. While following the doctoral programme, the doctoral student normally teaches at undergraduate level. Third-cycle students are normally employed at the university under a doctoral position. It is also possible to finance the studies in other ways, such as by an external employer who agrees to let the employee follow doctoral studies.


Vacancies for doctoral students


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