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Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

The Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer a number of programmes and courses that are taught in English and in other languages. Most of the courses that are taught in English are at an advanced level, but the SAS-courses (Special Area Studies) and a certain number of other courses are available for undergraduate students.

Studying at the joint faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University means learning about life, for life. In a world of increasing diverse influences and rapid social development, it is important to be able to reason and discuss on the basis of basic humanistic values.

We put people and culture in focus and studying with us is the first step on a path of lifelong learning, in which you learn the art of communicating on different levels, in different cultures and in different ways. We want to give our students the best possible preparation for their future careers. We have enthusiastic and knowledgeable lecturers and researchers who cooperate with other researchers worldwide. Together we create an inspiring, stimulating and creative study environment.

There are many subjects to choose from within humanities and theology at Lund University, and a number of them have existed in some form since the university was founded in 1666.

On offer are major and minor languages, historical and philosophical subjects, different perspectives on life and faith, art history, musicology, film, journalism and much more. Humanities and theology not only help to set the individual in a wider context, but also help to develop greater knowledge of international environments.

Our humanities and theology graduates work in almost all sectors of society and the faculties constantly develop links to careers in the programmes and courses on offer. On some courses students can undertake a work placement and on others students meet guest lecturers from outside academia. Essays can be written in cooperation with a company, public authority or organisation that may be interested in a certain subject.

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