Certificate of International Merits

Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Would you like to gain new international experience and get a certificate issued by Lund University to attest to what you have done? Then you should definitely keep reading! To earn a Certificate of International Merits (CIM), you need to take part in intercultural activities and then take the time to reflect on what you experienced. You will gain insight into yourself and learn new things about other people and cultures – a really exciting opportunity to deepen your intercultural understanding!

Is CIM right for me?

If you are interested in gaining international experiences and having it documented, this is perfect for you. You will be encouraged to gain new international knowledge and experiences, and the opportunities for self-reflection during the course of the work will lead to personal development. Once you have completed the activities, you will be issued a certificate by the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University. Information stating that you have received a CIM is also entered in Ladok, so when you graduate from Lund University, the CIM will be included in the document known as the Diploma Supplement (which specifies the content of your university degree).

What would I need to do?

To earn a CIM, you need to perform at least three activities with an international focus. You can do some of them abroad or all three at home in Sweden – the choice is yours. After each activity, you are asked to reflect on what you experienced and what you have learned that you can take with you going forward. You present this self-reflection in writing or orally, and it will be assessed by someone closely related to your subject/programme. Once you have completed all three activities, you will perform a final reflection on your CIM work. Once this has been approved, you will receive your certificate. All of the information and guidance is available in a Canvas course, which you can easily sign up for.

What is special about CIM at the HT Faculties?

Firstly, self-reflection is such an important part of the CIM work. The ongoing reflection during the course of the work trains you to better articulate – to both yourself and a prospective employer – what your particular strengths and experiences are. What can you bring to their organisation?

Secondly, this focus on reflection makes it possible to invite students of the HT Faculties to perform activities that are outside the sphere of Lund University's activities. Among other things, the HT Faculties have a formalised cooperation with various aid organisations within Lund Municipality. By volunteering for a short or longer period of time and meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, students can credit this work as activities within CIM.

Dean of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Johannes Persson

"CIM makes it possible for individuals to develop intercultural competence and understanding of what may be perceived as being far away by encouraging them to gain knowledge of what is close at hand."

Johannes Persson – Dean of the HT Faculties

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