Premises at SOL

On this page you will find overview maps and practical information regarding the SOL building, such as information about accessibility, computer facilities and places to study.


The SOL-building is made up of several separate houses which are linked together. Please ask our staff in the reception if you have any questions about directions or the location of your lecture room. They will gladly help you!

Absalon house (A)

On the ground floor of this house you will find several offices, lecture rooms, the Student Union for Humanities and Theology(HTS), our employment forum and the International Office. In the basement of the house you can find a quiet room for relaxation and several bookable meeting rooms. For bookings contact the reception located in the atrium.

Library (B)

Here you will find the SOL Library, a computer room (floor 3), the Humanities Lab (in the basement) and quiet reading rooms (floors 3 and 4).

Humanities house (H)

On the ground floor of this house you will find most of our academic advisors that operate in the SOL-building as well as the Auditorium. There are also several offices and a number of lecture rooms in the house.

Linguistics house (L)

Here you will find lecture rooms and office spaces.

A room consists of a letter and three numbers, e.g. L201. The L stands for Linguistics Building (Lingvisthuset) and 201 is the room number. If the room number begins with 0, this means the basement, 1 means the ground floor, 2 means 1st floor, etc.


Outdoor tactile paving guides the visually impaired to the entrances of the SOL building. These in turn connect to indoor tactile flooring. These entrance points provide the easiest access to lifts and ramps leading to the various parts of the SOL building.

Audio induction loops are available in the auditorium (Hörsalen, SOL: H104).

Audio induction loops in the Absalon house (A) are available in the lecture rooms SOL: A121, SOL: A129b and SOL: A339. In the Humanities House (H) they can also be found in the lecture rooms SOL: H135a, SOL: H135b, SOL: SOL: H140, SOL: H239a and SOL: H339. Teachers borrow the headset from the IT-unit.

SOL LibraryThe elevator in the SOL Library goes to the 2nd and 3rd floor. In order to get to the 4th floor by elevator, you must first take the elevator to the 3rd floor and then switch to the elevator in the stairwell next to the computer hall.

Please ask the information desk at the SOL Library if you need any assistance.

The information desk at the SOL Library is not height adjustable.

There are three quiet study rooms in the library, one of which is a computer free zone.

Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Study places

There are silent reading rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library’s Reading House. N.B. The entrance to the Reading House is can be reached via the 2nd floor of the Library. Alternatively, there are study areas on all floors of the Library building, as well as on the ‘balconies’ next to the atrium and in the entrance to the Absalon Building. As a registered student at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, you may also book group rooms. To do this, please contact the reception at SOL.

Student kitchenette

On the ground floor in the Absalon Building (A), close to the exit doors to the University Library Park, you can find a student kitchenette. It is equipped with a fridge, microwaves and a place where you can sit down and enjoy your lunch.