The Doctoral Student Union

Doctoral studies

Lund's Doctoral Student Union (LDK) conducts its work at the HT Faculties via the Humanistic and Theological Doctoral Student Council (HTDR). HTDR's main task is to monitor doctoral student issues at the faculties and work to promote the interests of doctoral students, particularly in terms of employment conditions and the quality of doctoral studies.

The Humanistic and Theological Doctoral Student Council (HTDR)

HTDR has representatives in the faculty-wide bodies (e.g. the Faculty Board and the Board for Third-Cycle Studies) as well as at departmental level. In these bodies, the doctoral student representatives have voting rights.

HTDR has three meetings per semester, to which all doctoral students at HT Faculties are welcome.

Visit Lund's Doctoral Student Union's and HTDR's web pages for more information and contact details.

The Doctoral Student Ombudsman

The Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB) is employed by LDK and tasked with helping doctoral students at Lund University when they encounter challenges in their doctoral studies. Regardless of how small or serious the problem is, you can get support from the DOMB, free of charge.

Read more about the Doctoral Student Ombudsman.

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