Admission requirements

You will need to meet the following requirements to apply and then study abroad, assuming you are awarded a place.

Basic eligibility requirements

  • At the time of application, you must be an active student and registered for full-time studies at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University (LU)
  • At the time of departure for the exchange, you must have completed at least two semesters of full-time studies at LU
  • The applicant must have sufficient language proficiency to be able to receive instruction and take examinations in the language of instruction

  • The courses at the host university must be equivalent to full-time, academic-level study, and you should strive to find courses that do not overlap with what you have studied at LU
  • Your studies abroad must last no less than 3 but no more than 12 months via Erasmus. Involuntary interruption before 3 months has passed may be allowed due to illness or other serious reason. However, Erasmus grants are not paid for a period of study shorter than 3 months, regardless of the reason
  • Commit to completing an evaluation. This will be sent directly to your email address at the end of your exchange period
  • You must write a travel report after the exchange studies have been completed

  • You can study a language abroad. If you have already studied a language at Lund University or another Swedish university, and wish to carry out further studies in that language at a partner university, you will normally need 60 credits in the language by the time of departure (foundation and continuation courses). This is a necessary basis for being able to participate in instruction groups with native students. Your studies should normally take place in a country where the language is spoken by its inhabitants as their mother tongue
  • The requirements and prerequisites for studies in languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Modern Greek and Russian are different. Discuss your prior knowledge and possible courses at the host university with your teacher/academic  advisor
  • If you have not studied language at Lund University, you have the opportunity to study any language abroad as a minor, i.e. as a complement to the other courses you have chosen to study. This also applies to languages that are not offered in Lund
  • Language studies that involve course fees at the host university cannot be credited on return, as exchange studies must be free of charge
  • In order to be credited, language courses must provide academic credit


  • If you are studying a programme, it is possible that the structure of the programme might not allow interruptions for studies abroad. In such case, you can add them as optional courses. If you are unsure, you can always contact your academic advisor study counsellor for assistance.
  • Students who have already been on an exchange or have otherwise studied at universities in other countries may apply, but are generally given lower priority than those who have not previously gone on an exchange.

More information is available in Canvas

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Information on how to apply can be found in the Canvas course

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