Exchange studies

Lund University offers you excellent opportunities to study abroad for one or two semesters. We have fantastic partner universities all over the world. In addition to personal experiences that you will carry with you forever, you will also get to know a new culture and a different university system. You will also gain assets that will benefit your future studies and the career path you choose.

Did you know:

  • You migth be eligible for CSN student finance during your exchange
  • You do not have to pay any tuition fees
  • Regardless of whether you study indiviual courses or a programme, the courses you study abroad can count towards your Swedish degree
  • You are insured throughout your studies
  • You can apply for a grant to study within Europe through the Erasmus programme. The grant complements your student finance and can cover any extra costs.

Within Europe

If you choose to apply to a partner university within Europe, you will receive (in addition to not having to pay any tuition fees) an Erasmus grant of around €450/month. You can also receive a rail travel grant if you choose the environmentally friendly alternative of travel by rail. Imagine travelling to Italy by rail, passing through several European countries along the way. Perhaps you have the opportunity to stop in one or more of the countries on your way to or from your destination? During the journey itself, you will discover how the landscape changes and get a feel for all the linguistic and cultural richness that exists.

Outside of Europe

Naturally, there are many options outside of Europe as well – in Australia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Chile, Peru and many other countries. There are no grants or scholarships linked to such exchanges like there are for our partner universities in Europe, but you will not have to pay tuition fees, which can be incredibly high in some places. However, there may be fees for a visa, health check-ups and language tests. You can find information about such things in our information sheets for each university.

More information about exchange studies

University of California

Each autumn, you can apply for a number of tuition-free places at the University of California (UC). This is Lund University's oldest exchange agreement. You can choose from nine different campuses in your application, including UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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Girl on a train

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