Welcome to LUX

Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

LUX constitutes a new Humanities and Theology campus. The following departments are located at LUX: the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies (CTR), the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, the Department of History and the Department of Philosophy. The faculty office of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, the Humanities laboratory and the Humanities and Theology libraries is also located at LUX. 

LUX Special opening hours

Opening hours during the summer

3–9 June

Monday–Wednesday: 7.30 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

Thursday–Sunday: Closed.


10–16 June

Monday–Friday: 7.30 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

Saturday–Sunday: Closed.


17–23 June

Monday–Thursday: 7.30 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

Friday–Sunday: Closed.


24 June–28 July

Monday–Friday: 10.00 a.m.–2.00 p.m.

Saturday–Sunday: Closed.


29 July–4 August

Monday–Sunday: Closed.


5–11 August

Monday–Friday: 10.00 a.m.–2.00 p.m.

Saturday–Sunday: Closed.


12 August–1 September

Monday–Friday: 7.30 a.m.–5.00 p.m.

Saturday–Sunday: Closed.


Ordinary opening hours from 2 September.


LUX is also open when lectures and planned activities are held in the building. Use the ordinary door next to the revolving door. HT students and students at the Department of Communication and Media have ordinary access with LU card and pin (Monday–Friday: 6.30 a.m.–10.00 p.m.; Saturday: 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m.), however not on 6 and 21 June when the building is closed also for students.

HT employees can always enter with LU card and pin.


LUX Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 7.30 a.m.–7.00 p.m.

Saturday: 11.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

HT employees have always access.

The entrances are open Monday to Friday 6.30 a.m.–10.00 p.m. and Saturday 10.00 a.m.–4.00 p.m. for HT students and Department of Communication and Media students holding a LU card and pin.

The building is also open when there are any planned activities in it. Use the ordinary doors.


  • Reception The reception is located in the atrium of the LUX-centre.
  • Premises On this page you will find overview maps and practical information regarding the LUX-centre, such as information about accessibility, computer facilities and places to study.
  • Caretaker The Caretaker’s office at LUX is located in building A, room 128.
  • Departments and units
  • Art at LUX At LUX you can find art from the Lund university art collection, and a collection of works on permanent loan from the Public Art Agency Sweden.

Contact Information

Delivery address: Helgonavägen 3, entrance D, 223 62 Lund
Mailing address: Name of unit, LUX, Lund University, Box 192, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting adress: Helgonavägen 3, Lund
Internal postal code: 30

Ambulance address: Helgonavägen 3

In case of emergency

How to respond if an emergency occurs at LUX or SOL

Café LUX

Can you smell the coffee? Welcome to Café LUX!

Guide to LUX and SOL

Information for students.

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