Student complaints procedure

For students at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

If you have a complaint concerning your studies at first or second cycle level you should  follow the procedure described on this page.

Check the rules that apply

Before you proceed with a complaint, you need to be aware of what rules apply in different  situations. Student rights and obligations at Lund University are described in the List of student rights. For example, the list includes what applies in relation to the following:

•    the study environment
•    course syllabi and timetables
•    exams and assessment
•    degree projects
•    course evaluation

Student rights and responsibilities -

Another important document that governs education is the relevant course syllabus. There are also local Policy documents for undergraduate studies

You can contact the study advisor at your department for information. You can always turn to the student ombudsman and student union for support and help.

Bring up the issue at a local level

Always start by getting in touch with the relevant lecturer/course director or the programme director. In many cases the problem can be solved at the source, at a local and informal level.

If the matter cannot be resolved by contacting the course/programme director, the complaint will be passed on to the director of studies and thereafter to the head of department. 

Take the issue further

If the matter cannot be resolved at the department level, the next step is to send written documentation to the dean responsible for first- and second-cycle education.

If the student is not satisfied that the matter has been adequately addressed despite the procedure at department and faculty level, the student can turn to the Vice-chancellor with the complaint.

All student complaints that are handled as formal cases are registered at Lund University and become official documents.

Matters that are not covered by this procedure

Please note that the procedure described above does not cover the following matters:

Student ombudsman and the student union

At Lund University there is a student ombudsman that you can turn to for support and help. The student ombudsman is not part of the University administration, but constitutes an independent party whose role it is to support and guide the studentunions and the students in cases that arise. 

The student ombudsman's website

You can also obtain support and advice from The Student Union for Humanities and Theology.

Go to the website of The Student Union for Humanities and Theology to get in touch regarding complaints about your studies.

Support from the student ombudsman or the student union does not require membership in the student union.

Handling complaints from students at Lund University

Read the Guidelines on handling complaints from students at Lund University.

Student rights and guidelines

Information about your rights and responsibilities as a student in relation to the University in the List of Rights.

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