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Travel abroad for work and gain international experience and intercultural competence! Finding it hard to take the first step? On this page and in the Canvas course you will find plenty of support and guidance.

Professional development abroad

There are great opportunities for LU staff to develop their skills and expertise abroad. It is in the interest of both the individual and the organisation for staff to strengthen their intercultural competence. Talk to your immediate manager to see whether staff training mobility abroad is a possibility. Such mobility should be possible within the framework of your position, and you should not have to make up work time when you return home.

Funding for mobility can be provided through the Erasmus programme. You can apply for funding for a study visit, job shadowing or other training (such as a Staff Week) at a university somewhere in Europe. Please note that it does not have to be a university, it could very well be a company, organisation, publisher or any other interesting organisation that you want to visit. The main thing you gain from the mobility is the opportunity to strengthen the skills needed for your position at LU.

Take inspiration from the EU-funded SUCTI project (“Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation”), which highlights the importance of all categories of staff having, developing and maintaining intercultural competence.

Where can you go?

The Erasmus programme allows university staff to travel to any of the Erasmus+ participating countries, i.e. EU countries, as well as a number of so-called third countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey). It may be easier to find a contact person and obtain funding if you choose one of the partner universities with which LU already has an established collaboration.

Would you like to participate in one of the Staff Weeks regularly organised around Europe? Use the database provided by the EU project iMotion (“The Integration and Promotion of Staff Training Courses at Universities across Europe”). You can check whether there is anything offered in your particular area of interest by searching by staff category or country.

The DOREA Educational institute offers a range of competence development courses abroad, among others English language courses and courses in intercultural communication.

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The funding scheme provided for all categories of staff is Erasmus+ staff training. You can apply for mobility lasting between two days and two weeks (job shadowing will usually be granted for only one week, while training can be carried out during two weeks). No underlying exchange agreement is needed, you just need a host at a receiving organisation to welcome you and sign your Mobility Agreement. Your department pays for the exchange (travel, accommodation, daily allowance) and it is also the department that receives reimbursement from Erasmus+ after you return home.

Here you can find more information on Erasmus+ staff training.

Perhaps you want to do what is known as blended mobility? First you job shadow a foreign colleague virtually (meetings via Zoom, for example), and then you visit them by applying for Erasmus+ staff training funding (job shadowing).

Take inspiration from the EU project “Best+” (“Blended Erasmus Staff Training”), which aims to combine virtual and physical “mobility”.

Read about how finance officer Malin Stråby travelled to Athens with funding for Erasmus+ staff training.

Librarian Andrea Mervik received Erasmus+ staff training funding for a mobility period to Oxford.

  • The Erasmus programme does not provide funding for staff training at EU institutions.
  • It also does not provide funding to organisations managing EU programmes.
  • You cannot travel to several different destinations within the same Erasmus exchange. However, it is possible to visit two institutions located in the same city or less than 100 kilometres apart.
An open window looks out over a city by a river. In the foreground, just to the left outside the window, is the beautiful stone facade of a baroque church. Further away you see houses and rooftops, and on the other side of the river the city continues. The sky is blue, and it is sunny outside. What we see are parts of the city of Porto in Portugal.

Erasmus+ staff training

opens up a mobility window for staff of the HT Faculties

To the Canvas course “Planning and applying for a European mobility placement”

Librarian Andrea Mervik

Librarian Andrea Mervik attended a course in Oxford

International Coordinator Lu Yi Nilsson.

International coordinator Lu Yi Nilsson travelled to Nottingham

Take inspiration from other staff who have travelled abroad!

Want to speak with one of HT's travel ambassadors?

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