Sick leave and leave of absence


Sick leave and leave of absence

Doctoral students, like all other staff, are entitled to sick leave, parental leave and leave to care for a sick child. Additionally, everyone also has a legal right to time off in certain other cases, such as in the event of a death or moving house.

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NB! Sick leave and leave of absence are grounds for an extension of a doctoral studentship, but only if requested and approved. This is done in Primula.

Leave of absence for other activities

In some cases, a doctoral student may be granted leave of absence for temporary other activities that promote the doctoral student’s third-cycle education. The department must attest to the need and certify that the activity promotes the doctoral student’s education.

Applications for this type of leave are to be submitted to the secretary of the Board for Third-Cycle Studies, and the decision is made by the pro dean responsible for third-cycle education. The application must include a description of the activity and a justification for the application. In addition, the application must include a statement from the head of department.

NB! Leave of absence for other activities should be granted before the leave starts.

Reduced working hours

A doctoral position is normally full-time employment, but it is possible to reeduce the working hours. The working hours can not be reduced more than 50 % of full-time.

Please note! The decision to reduce the working hours of a doctoral position is permanent. There is no guarantee that the working hours can be increased again.

Form: Application for reduced working hours (word)

Extension of a doctoral studentship

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