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The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology


The Humanities and Theology form one faculty area at Lund University. The area consists of eight departments and offers studies in subjects ranging from cultural sciences, history, philosophy, archaeology, languages and literature to theology and religious studies. A number of the subjects taught through the Faculties of Humanities and Theology have been part of the curriculum at Lund since the university was founded in 1666. Studies in these fields today are mostly individually designed, being combinations of independent courses. There are also fixed degree programmes. Courses taught at our departments may be included in degrees conferred by other faculties.

Our education in humanities and theology


The faculties conduct very extensive research. According to the most recent evaluation it shows great strength in many fields.

More about our research

The faculties in brief

The figures refer to 2019.


Individual students, total over year: 3837


Subjects: 57

Undergraduate programmes: 11

Master programmes: 17

Bachelor's level courses: About 800

Master's level courses: About 440


Arriving international students: 164

Exchange students abroad: 157

Employees  (FTE in dec.)

Total: 560

Professors: 76

Researchers/teachers: 216

Doctoral students: 128

Technical and administrative staff: 134


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