Heads of Departments and Directors of Studies

Centre for Theology and Religious Studies (CTR)

Johan Cato, Director of Studies

Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg, Deputy Head of Department

Alexander Maurits, Head of Department

Magnus Zetterholm, Assistant Head of Department

Department of Philosophy

Tobias Hansson Wahlberg, Assistant Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department

Martin Jönsson, Director of Studies

Tomas Persson, Head of Department

Department of History

Lena Halldenius, Deputy Head of Department

Henrik Rosengren, Head of Department

Marina Svensson, Head of Department, Director of Studies

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Fredrik Ekengren, Director of Studies

Martin Hansson, Head of Department

Department of Communication and Media

Mia-Marie Hammarlin, Head of Department

Sara Santesson, Deputy Head of Department

Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

Björn Fritz, Director of Studies

Monica Libell, Head of Department

Olof Sundin, Assistant Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department

Department of Educational Sciences

Roger Johansson, Director of Studies

Sinikka Neuhaus, Assistant Head of Department

Anders Persson, Head of Department

Anders Sonesson, Assistant Head of Department

Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL)

Marina Andersson, Director of Studies

Fabian Beijer, Head of Section, Director of Studies

Petra Bernardini, Director of Studies

Elisabeth Friis, Director of Studies

Francis Hult, Director of Studies

Ingela Johansson, Director of Studies

Lena Larsson, Director of Studies

Johanna Lindbladh, Head of Section

Katarina Lundin, Head of Section

Carola Mikaelsson, Director of Studies

Mikael Nystrand, Director of Studies

Maria Persson, Head of Department

Henrik Rahm, Assistant Head of Department

Vassilios Sabatakakis, Head of Section

Cristine Sarrimo, Head of Section

Peter Sivam, Director of Studies

Marianna Smaragdi, Assistant Head of Department

Mechtild Tronnier, Director of Studies