Inspiring portraits of staff who previously travelled abroad

Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Follow in the footsteps of your colleagues around the world. Take inspiration from how they planned their time abroad, how they connected with colleagues on the ground and – last but not least – what they experienced and took back home with them.

Portraits of TA staff

Andrea Mervik, Librarian, HT Libraries

Andrea wanted to improve her skills and took a course in Digital Humanities at the University of Oxford.

Andrea Mervik

Annakim Eltén and Ann-Sofie Zettergren, Librarians

Annakim and Ann-Sofie were working more and more with data management support for researchers and needed to develop their skills. They took the opportunity to visit several different categories of staff at the University of Oxford.

Ann-Sofie Zettergren

Lu Yi Nilsson, International Coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences

When Lu Yi was still working in the International Office of the HT Faculties, she travelled to Nottingham for a language course.

Lu Yi has long dark hair and brown eyes. She smiles slightly and tilts her head.

Malin Stråby, Finance officer, Centre for Languages and Literature

As a finance officer, Malin had handled many travel expenses from travelling teachers. Now she felt it was her turn to develop her skills abroad.

Malin in front of Classical buildings in Athens.

Stefan Lindgren, Humanities Lab

Stefan has travelled a lot as part of his job. With Erasmus+ staff training, he has been to places such as Pisa and Rome to assist with digital measurements and to develop his own technical expertise.

Stefan is looking at the camera. He has grey, slightly wavy hair, dark eyebrows, a grey beard and a moustache. He wears glasses and is dressed in a black leather jacket with a blue shirt underneath.

Valeria Naters, Research Coordinator

A love of the Italian language, coffee and culture gave Valeria the courage to apply for an Erasmus+ staff training placement at Sapienza Università di Roma.

Valeria stands smiling and squinting in the sunshine. She has long dark hair and is wearing silver headphones. The photo is a selfie. Valeria is wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and yellow dungarees. A tattoo can be seen on her right arm, which is extended.

Portraits of doctoral students

Camila Borges Freitas, Library and Information Science

A non-profit archive in Paris is of great interest to Camila's research, which is why she visited it in spring 2023, with the help of Erasmus+ staff training funding.

Camila is smiling slightly and looking at the camera. She has big, dark curly hair that reaches her shoulders, brown eyes and dark eyebrows. She is wearing a brown polo shirt and a light-coloured patterned blazer.

Greer Jarrett, Historical Archaeology

Researching Viking ships and sailing, Greer applied for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant to spend almost a full year in Norway at an experimental folk high school. He really got the chance to learn more about boat building and sailing, and was able to map possible Viking routes.

Greer is standing outside in front of a lake and a mountain, dressed in an Icelandic sweater. He has dark hair and beard and is smiling.

Irene Lami, Italian Linguistics

A well-known senior researcher in the same field generously shared their time and knowledge. As a result, Irene has travelled twice to the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

Irene has long dark hair and brown eyes, and is looking at the camera. She is wearing a beige V-neck top.

Jakob Stenseke, Practical Philosophy

Jakob travelled to Göttingen to meet a renowned researcher and also had the opportunity to meet several other doctoral students with similar research interests as himself. He utilised Erasmus+ staff training funding for his trip.

A black and white close-up of Jakob looking at the camera with a serious expression. His long, straight hair moves slightly in the breeze and is pulled to one side. Jakob is wearing a dark shirt.

Juhan Björn, Arabic Studies

With an assistant supervisor in Cologne, it was natural for Juhan to apply for Erasmus+ student mobility there for a semester. This allowed him to receive supervision and access virtually customised courses.

Juhan is standing on a city street. In the background, there are parked bicycles and people walking. He is wearing a light-coloured jeans jacket over a white T-shirt. The photo is a selfie. Juhan has brown wavy short hair, a dark beard and moustache and blue eyes. He is looking at the camera.

Katja Heldt, Musicology

Katja has used both Erasmus+ staff training and Erasmus+ traineeship funding to travel in the footsteps of a particular group of female musicians. In Paris, she was able to meet and interview the female composer of electronic music who is practically the main subject of her thesis!

Katja is smiling and looking at the camera. She has blue eyes and red hair put up in a bun. Strands of hair hang down in front of her ears. She is wearing a pink knit sweater and a light blue coat. She is standing outdoors, with the wind blowing her hair slightly to the side.

Katarzyna Bobrowicz, Cognitive Science

Katarzyna took a law course in Turku, Finland (called Åbo in Sweden) and job shadowed zookeepers in Poland with the help of Erasmus+ staff training. It is thanks to the animal law course in Finland that she now teaches animal cognition to law students.

Katarzyna is smiling broadly and looking at the camera. She has brown hair styled up in a bun and pearl earrings. She is wearing a small-checked shirt and a grey coat over it.

Paola Derudas, Digital Archaeology

Her keen interest in digitalisation not only brought Paola to Lund, but also led her to visit several foreign universities to develop new technologies and measurement methods. Erasmus+ staff training is the form of funding she has used.

Paola smiles and looks into the camera. She has long dark hair and brown eyes.

Ryszard Bobrowicz, Practical Theology

Ryszard has travelled abroad with Erasmus+ staff training on several occasions. When the need to travel to Naples to teach arose, the HT Faculties were able to set up an Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility agreement with the university there specifically for Ryszard.

Ryszard has short brown hair and beard, and is dressed in a white shirt and a grey jacket.

Sergio Rojo, English Studies

The plan was for Sergio to travel to the University of Plymouth for an Erasmus+ student exchange, for which a student mobility agreement had been signed. When it did not work out, Sergio discovered that staying at home and doing the exchange virtually worked very well.

Sergio sits with a mug in his hand looking at the camera. He has dark bangs and very short hair on the sides, dark eyebrows and blue eyes. He is wearing a blue T-shirt and has a tattoo on his left arm. The mug is decorated with a motif from Disney's “The Lion King”.

Billy Jones, Ethnology

Billy had the chance to attend a UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, and he used Erasmus+ staff training funding to travel there.

Billy smiles broadly and looks to the side. He has short blond hair and stubble. He is wearing a white T-shirt. The photo was taken outdoors. Greenery and another person, facing away, can be seen in the background.

Ylva Hamnell-Pamment, Educational Sciences

Ylva used Erasmus+ staff training funding to job shadow a doctoral student in Berlin who is basically the only one in the world with a specialisation that is really close to her own: the role of language in the teaching and learning of chemistry.

Ylva has her hair up, and is smiling. She is wearing a striped T-shirt under a blue and white sweater.

Portraits of teachers/researchers

Alexander Maurits, Church History

Alexander received funding from the STINT Teaching Sabbatical programme and took his family with him to the University of California, Berkeley.

Alexander Maurits

Blaženka Scheuer, Old Testament Exegesis

On two occasions, Blaženka took her whole family with her when she travelled far away on teaching and research stays, once to the USA (STINT's Teaching Sabbatical) and once to New Zealand. It was exciting and stimulating on several levels.

Blaženka is looking at the camera, smiling slightly. Her dark hair is styled up in a bun, she has arched eyebrows and brown eyes. She is wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a dark blue blazer over it. A piece of gold jewellery hangs around her neck.

Elisabet Göransson, Latin Studies

Elisabet has established close contact with colleagues in Venice and has used Erasmus+ staff training on several occasions to return there. Among the funding she applied for, she finds these the easiest to apply for and receive.

Elisabet is smiling and looking into the camera. She has short, light curly hair held back by sunglasses on her head. She has blue eyes and black-framed glasses. She is wearing a black and white patterned blouse.

Jordan Zlatev, Cognitive Semiotics

For many years, Jordan has been teaching at a university in Poland, together with his colleague Göran Sonesson or on his own. On one occasion he utilised Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility funding.

Jordan stands in front of a red brick wall looking straight at the camera. He is wearing black steel-rimmed glasses and a red polo shirt. He has short hair, a short beard and a moustache.

Lina Sturfelt and Maria Småberg, History

Lina and Maria were developing a new Master's course. They identified a university that was well advanced in this field, the University of Manchester, and travelled there to job shadow colleagues. Erasmus+ staff training (job shadowing) is particularly suitable for course development.

Maria Småberg and Lina Sturfelt. Maria stands in front of a brick wall and a green bush, smiling. She has long dark hair that blows slightly to the side in the breeze and dark glasses. She is wearing a dark blue cardigan buttoned with a button over a light-coloured T-shirt.  Lina's picture is taken inside. She wears glasses and a black cardigan over a blue top.

Lovisa Brännstedt, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

The Swedish Institutes in Rome and Athens are an invaluable resource for Swedish researchers, says Lovisa, who has spent several periods in Rome in particular.

Lovisa has red shoulder-length hair, blue eyes and is looking at the camera with a smile. She is wearing a dark blue top.

Martin Hansson, Historical Archaeology

Martin works closely with colleagues in Galway, Ireland. Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility has funded two stays there for him.

Martin has grey hair and glasses. He is dressed in a blue sweater.

Nicolò dell'Unto, Digital Archaeology

Not only has Nicolò travelled abroad several times with Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility, he has also hosted colleagues from the universities he has visited, making it a true teacher exchange.

Nicolò has dark hair and beard, and a big smile. He is wearing a shirt and a grey jacket.

Tomas Sniegon, European Studies

Tomas has a well-established cooperation with his old home university, Charles University in Prague. He tries to maximise his exchanges and always has several different (research) activities going on, in addition to teaching.

Tomas is seen in close-up so that his face and shoulders fill up almost the whole image. Sunlight falls on his face from the right. He is smiling and looking at the camera. Tomas has short grey hair and is wearing a light grey button-down shirt.

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