Certificate of International Merits (CIM)

The university can and should play an important role in the surrounding local community.

The Certificate of International Merits (CIM) can offer such an opportunity. CIM is a certificate that focuses on international experience and is offered by several faculties of the University to their students. At the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, students carry out a few activities with an international flavour, and after each activity reflect on what they have experienced and what they can take away from it. Some activities can be done abroad, but it is important to emphasise all the opportunities for internationalisation that exist here at home.

There are opportunities for cooperation here! Integration projects around the region need established Swedes who want to participate – and within the University, activities are needed that give students of the HT Faculties new intercultural perspectives and understanding. Let's work together!

Steps to take

Interested students sign up with the HT Faculties and are encouraged to do at least three activities with an intercultural flavour – one large and more extensive one, and two smaller ones. They will then reflect on what they got out of the activity, who they interacted with, what they learned, and what they can take with them into the future. Before the certificate can be awarded, the student also needs to write a final summary reflection, which should preferably show progression and highlight what skills the student will be taking with them as they transition from studies to working life.

What activities can be done as part of CIM?

To earn a CIM, the student needs to do at least three activities – one A activity and two B activities. If they wish, they can replace one B activity with three C activities. The letters indicate the length and scope of a specific activity.


A activity: normally lasts for about one semester. Examples: exchange studies or internship abroad, volunteer work within Lund Municipality, etc.

B activity: normally lasts for about three months. Examples: summer course or short internship abroad, volunteer work within Lund Municipality, etc.

C activity: lasts for a more limited period of time (a few days to a few weeks) Examples: seminars or guest lectures on international themes (at least three), volunteer work within Lund Municipality, etc.

How can we take part?

The HT Faculties have established contact with the Inclusion Coordinator of Lund Municipality, and have partnered with a number of aid organisations. There is a lot of potential to expand this cooperation! Students of the HT Faculties need activities of different scales and, as far as we understand, aid organisations need to get in contact with established Swedes who are willing to be mentors, to volunteer, and to get involved in the municipality's integration work in different ways.

What is the next step?

Do you have activities or projects that fit into this framework? Get in touch with us!

We collaborate with:

EOS Cares
Swedish Red Cross – Lund Group
Swedish Red Cross Youth
Save the Children – Girl to Girl
UNICEF's Voluntary Group in Lund
Nya kompisbyrån
Projekt 6

Contact details, HT International Office


Visiting address
SOL, Helgonabacken 12, A141-143, Lund

Postal address
Box 201, 221 00 Lund


International office staff

International coordinator
Fanni Faegersten
Phone: +46 (0)46 - 222 8773
Email: fanni.faegerstenht.luse

International coordinator
Elena Vinci

International secretary
Lina Södergren
Phone: +46 (0)46 - 222 3424

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