Lars Larsson (ed.)
Continuity for Centuries. A Ceremonial Building and its Context at Uppåkra, Southern Sweden
Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series altera in 8° 48
2004 | 239 p. | English

ISSN: 0065-0994
ISBN: 91-22-02107-8

Keywords: arkeologi | Sverige | Skåne | järnåldern | Uppåkra | fornlämningar

In 2001 an intensive excavation began within the central part of the large site at Uppakra, southernmost Sweden. This was not the first excavation of the site but the first in which the topsoil was removed within large trenches in order to record the relations between different types of settlement remains. Several houses were found. This publication includes the presentation and study of the house sequence and the number of selected find categories. The features and finds are the basis for a new and detailed view of the society and its rituals during most of the Iron Age.

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