Karin Altenberg
Experiencing Landscapes. A Study of Space and Identity in Three Marginal Areas of Medieval Britain and Scandinavia
Lund Studies in Medieval Archaeology 31
2003 | 293 p. | English

ISSN: 0283-6874
ISBN: 91-22-01997-9

Keywords: bosättningar | historia | Skandinavien | medeltiden | Storbritannien | landskapsarkeologi

A study of space and identity in three marginal areas of medieval Britain and Scandinavia.

Experiencing Landscapes is a study of new ways of exploring the medieval landscapes of south-west Britain and Scania (southern Sweden) building on recent developments in prehistoric archaeology and social theory. Its main focus is the idea of marginality, which focus on the ways in which the medieval landscape was perceived. It compares the perceptions of outsiders with those of the local inhabitants and takes account of features of the natural topography as well as the remains of more ancient – usually prehistoric – settlements. The study makes effective use of documentary sources, field suveys, excavations, folklore and place names and builds on some original fieldwork in each of the study areas.

Experiencing Landscapes does not reject existing approaches to landscape archaeology, which retain their central importance to subject, but adds new and exciting layers of interpretation to what has been achieved in previous research. In this respect it breaks new ground in medieval archaeology.

Tryckår: 2003

Mjukband, illustrerad, 293 s.

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