Patricia Lysaght, Håkan Jönsson, Anna Burstedt
The return of traditional food
Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences 1
2013 | 311 p. | English

ISSN: 2001-7529
ISBN: 978-91-7267-357-1

Strongly interdisciplinary in content, the papers in this volume deal with various aspects of the return to popularity of traditional food, from the re-articulation of goat-cheese making in Jämtland, Sweden, to the reinvention of Cinnamon Bread as a commodity under the influence of tourism in Brazil. They also focus on the New Nordic Kitchen with its emphasis on fresh, seasonal, local and regional produce, and on tradition as a basis for innovation and creativity in the kitchen. The current accent on the uniqueness of place and the characteristic qualities it imparts to produce, the impact of specific EU agricultural protection schemes on perceptions of regional products and foodstuffs, the commercialisation of revitalised food traditions in different part of the world, and the role of traditional foodways in the immigrant process, are also dealt with in this volume.

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