Sven Rubenson, Amsalu Aklilu, Merid Welde Aregay, Samuel Rubenson (ed.)
Internal rivalries and foreign threats 1869-1879. Acta Æthiopica. Vol. 3
2000 | 349 p. | English

ISBN: 91-630-9210-7

Volume three with 235 documents was published in 2000 with the title Internal Rivalries and Foreign Threats 1869-1879. The volume documents the internal power struggle after the death of Tewodros resulting in the establishment of a growing base of power in the south with far reaching consequences. A large part of the documents deal with the increased external struggle to gain control of northern Ethiopia as well as the hinterland of the Red Sea littoral. The first culminated in the Egyptian invasion in 1875-1876, its defeat and aftermath, the second in the increased Italian involvement in Ethiopian affairs. The volume is dominated by the letters of emperor Yohannis with his base in the north, and his rival in the south, king Minilik, but also includes a number of letters by the local rulers on the coast, as well as letters by Catholic and Protestant converts. In contrast to the two first volumes there is an obvious impact of European style of diplomacy and writing.

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