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Transcript of Records

It is your responsibility to ensure that your host university sends your Official Transcript of Records, your certificate of studies, home to you. Many universities prefer to send the transcript directly to your coordinator at home. In that case, the following address can be used: International Office
Faculties of Humanities and Theology
Lund University
Box 201
SE-221 00 Lund
Sweden Tel.: +46-46-222 3424, 222 8773, 222 8075 Email: internationalht.luse

Credit transfer and recognition of qualifications from courses

When you return from your exchange studies, you want to be able to transfer the credits from the courses you studied abroad or get recognition by your home university for the qualifications obtained abroad. We will help you with the transfer of credits as soon as you have handed in your travel report. Please follow the steps below:

Credit transfer

On condition that your studies were at an academic level, credits from your studies abroad will be transferred. The International Office of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology can help you with this. Some beginners’ language courses, sports, calligraphy courses etc. are not considered academic studies. If you are uncertain, check with one of us. The courses you have studied will be registered in Ladok, together with the number of credits they are worth.

Recognition of qualifications

Recognition of qualifications means that the credits you have earned abroad partially or completely replace a course offered at Lund University. This can be done, especially in modern languages. If you want part of your studies abroad, or even all of them, to be recognised as credits at Lund University after you return, it is particularly important that you contact your home department and get written confirmation of this. Consult your study advisor.

Programme students

If you are a student on a degree programme, it is usually your study advisor/programme secretary who registers your exchange studies in Ladok.

Evaluation report

If you have been abroad on the Erasmus programme (studies within Europe), an evaluation form will be sent to your email address and it is compulsory to respond to it.

Travel report

The International Office would like to know more about your exchange study period. Please upload your travel report in this database. Future exchange students will also appreciate to read the travel reports before they apply.

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