b. 1981, PhD in History (2014), publications coordinator and spokesperson for Humtank.

My thesis Making Enemies - The Logic of Immorality in Ciceronian Oratory (available open access here: analyses the interaction between Roman moral and political culture through the speeches of Cicero.

My research interests include Classical Reception Studies, the History of Knowledge, Scholarly Persona and the History of Humanities.

My current projekt (conducted at Stockholm University) aims to explore the demarcation between the humanities and the natural sciences during the first half of the 19th century in Sweden.

I also work as a publications coordinator for the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology with special focus on monograph publishing, open access and research data. More info on

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About the research

My thesis examines the role played by the topic of immorality in the extant speeches of the Roman politician Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BCE) and subsequently its role in the Roman political culture of the late Republic. It traces the portraits of immorality that Cicero made of his political and forensic opponents throughout his political career and his use of immorality as an argument in the Roman Senate, public assembly, and courts.
Inspired by perspectives from New Cultural History as well as New Historicism, the study approaches accusastions of depravity and vice in Cicero’s oratory as both culturally coherent and politically relevant, and by searching for the cultural logic behind the use of immorality in oratory seeks to demonstrate the link between immorality and Roman political culture.

My current research project concerns the debates on Classical education in 19th century Sweden. The main focus of the study is centered on the argument that the study of ancient languages and litterature had a particular moral worth.


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Other tasks and qualifications

I am currently organizing the international conference The Many Faces of the Humanities - Exploring Different Roles in the Humanities, past, present and future in collaboration with ECHIC (23rd-24th of April, 2020). More information and call for papers below.

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