Research platforms

Today a large amount of research within the humanities and theology is conducted in academic environments outside of traditional disciplinary and organisational units. The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology are promoting the establishing and development of long-term interdisciplinary collaborations by giving monetary support to five research platforms chosen by an external expert jury.

DigitalHistory @ Lund

Research leaders: Sune Bechmann Pedersen, Marie Cronqvist

A platform, which collects researchers from different historical disciplines at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology – in collaboration with the Humanities Lab and the University Library – in order to support the development of new research projects within the field of digital history.

Project homepage of DigitalHistory@Lund

Digital Integration Across Disciplines: Advancing Cultural Heritage Documentation (DIAD)

Research leaders: Niclas Burenhult, Nicoló Dell’Unto

This platform combines the two pioneering, but very different fields of digital archaeology and language documentation and makes it possible for reserachers from different fields to discuss experiences, ideas, strategies, techniques and principles of digital cultural heritage documentation for the sake of future generations. 

Space Humanities

Research leader: David Dunér

The aim of this platform is the establishment of an interdisciplinary research community dealing with social and humanities-oriented questions, which arrise when space science is conducted. Disciplines which could be included are history, philosophy, ethics, cultural sciences, conceptual sciences, political sciences, law studies and economy.

Language Acquisition, MultilINguAlism, and Teaching (LAMiNATE)

Research leaders: Jonas Granfeldt, Marianne Gullberg

A platform with the aim of making Lund University world–renowned within the fields of language acquisition and multilingualism, as well as language teaching and assessment.

Project homepage of LAMiNATE

Christianity and Nationalism

Research leader: Jayne Svenungsson

The intent of this platform is the development of a research environment within the fast-growing interdisciplinary field, which deals with connections between Christianity and nationalism.

Project homepage of Christianity and Nationalism

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