A Drop of Midnight Across the Atlantic. A Conversation on the Work of Jason Diakité

24 maj 2023 18:00 till 20:00 Seminarium
Michael McEachcrane, Monica L. Miller, Jonathan McCrory, Jason Diakité

To mark the occasion of Jason Diakité's honorary doctorate in Lund, a mini-symposium will be organized which, on the basis of his book, music and stage project "En droppe midnatt/A Drop of Midnight", will discuss the burning contemporary issues raised by his work.

Participants include prominent international scholars Monica Miller (Barnard College, Columbia University) and Michael McEachcrane (Raoul Wallenberg Institute), director and artist Jonathan McCrory (National Black Theater i Harlem, New York), and Jason Diakité himself.

  • Jonathan McCrory is a Tony Nominated producer, two Obie Award-winning, Harlem-based artists who has served as Executive Artistic Director at National Black Theatre since 2012.
  • Monica L. Miller is Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Africana Studies and English, Barnard College, Columbia University in New York.
  • Michael McEachrane is a Member and the Rapporteur of the United Nations Permanent Forum of People of African Descent and a Senior Visiting Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights
  • Jason Diakité is a celebrated artist, author and on the 26th of May he will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the Faculty of Humanities, Lund University


Om händelsen:

24 maj 2023 18:00 till 20:00

SOL:s Hörsal (SOL: H104)


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