Uladzimir Morozuk

Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna

Uladzimir stannade bara elva dagar i Lund, men han hann få helt nya perspektiv på sitt avhandlingsämne – och möta en ny mysig stad och trevliga hjälpsamma människor. Han hade gärna haft någon som välkomnade honom och berättade lite mer om Skåne och om Lund.

Hello, who are you, and where are you from?
My name is Uladzimir. I am a Belarusian, living in the Czech Republic. Now I am also a PhD student in a joint program of German and Slavic studies (Charles University in Prague – Sapienza University in Rome).

How come you decided to come to Lund University?
I knew Lund from guidebooks. I also knew that one of the best Swedish universities is located here.

What was the purpose of your visit? How long have you stayed? Was it an Erasmus+ mobility or how did you fund it?
I found out that Charles University has an agreement with Lund University and that there is this new possibility to come on a so-called Short PhD stay. I came for eleven days at the end of May 2023.

What were your first impressions of Lund and of Lund University?
Lund is very calm and cosy. The city centre is lovely. University buildings are everywhere: some of them are historical and very beautiful.

What has been the most positive thing(s) about your mobility period in Lund?
I have found a new research method in Political discourse analysis. I would like to try to use it in my project.

What has been the most negative thing(s)?
The check-in process in the LU Guesthouse was a bit new for me. It was a bit tricky with the code for the main doors – and I arrived quite late. But it all went well. Anyway, staying there is not obligatory, but the Guesthouse is located quite close to my department and the library.

Would you have enjoyed a mentor during your stay here (and/or already before coming)?
Yes, I would! There were so many questions.

What do you think you will bring with you into the future, from your period in Lund?
Good memories and the experience of meeting nice and helpful people.

Would you engage in such a mobility period again, if given the chance?
Of course! A short PhD stay is a great chance to visit a new country and to meet new people. Student mobility really helps to open new horizons and develop yourself.

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