Yevheniia Konotopets

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Det var inte lätt att anlända till Lund, för Yevheniia. Mycket var nytt och det tog tid att komma på plats, både mentalt och praktiskt. Hon tycker Lund är en stad som inspirerar till lärande. Här har hon fått möjlighet att få distans till kriget, att få samla sig och fundera på sin egen framtid. Det hade betytt mycket för henne att få ha en mentor under den första tiden i Lund.

Hello! What is your name and your home university?
My name is Yevheniia Konotopets. My home university is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Please tell us a bit about your home town.
Before coming to Lund, I lived and studied in Kyiv. This lovely city is the capital of Ukraine. You may find anything there. This is a place where history and modern trends intertwine. I love it very much.

When did you arrive in Lund? For how long will you be staying?
I arrived in Lund last April (2022) and will stay in Sweden at least one year after my graduation.

What are you doing at Lund University?
I am studying Gender Studies.

How did you experience the first weeks in Sweden?
It was quite hard. I came to Sweden without prior preparations, because the war started in my country. For this reason, I did not know much about Sweden and the systems that work in it.

What are your impressions of Lund as a university city?
This is a wonderful place where everything inspires research and learning.

For sure, you would have needed special support in various ways, when coming to Sweden. As regards living and studying in Lund; did you receive a mentor of some kind at Lund University?
When I first arrived, a teacher from my home university helped me get settled. She was the guarant of the Gender Studies program at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She helped with housing during the first period and processed documents for staying in Sweden. Later, I met the coordinator from Lund University. She helped with the preparation of documents for the university, receiving a scholarship, etc. (I wouldn’t say that this is a mentoring job in my understanding, but this is what I had when I arrived in Lund).

If so, what was the best part of having a mentor?
I was very stressed when I came to Sweden. And I didn’t even always understand where to look for the information I needed. So, the fact that they could tell me something was very good. Although I am also glad that in Sweden, I met beautiful and kind people who were ready to support me. I am very grateful to them for that.

What has been most positive about coming to Lund?
I found myself in a safe place where I could come to my senses and think about the war in Ukraine and my future life.

What has been most challenging?
The new system was a challenge for me. At first, I did not know how everything works and that there are certain institutions, since the Ukrainian and Swedish social systems are somewhat different.

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