Kristian Nilsson
Baltic-Finns and Scandinavians. Comparative-Historical Linguistics and the Early History of the Nordic Region
Ugglan. Minervaserien 17
2012 | 273 s. | engelska

ISSN: 1650-7339
ISBN: 978-91-979095-1-8

Ämnesord: jämförande språkvetenskap | historia | finsk-ugriska språk

Baltic-Finns and Scandinavians explores how the breakthrough in comparative-historical linguistics affected European ethnohistoric thought. The investigation has a multi-disciplinary approach by including intellectual history and the histories of Finno-Ugric studies and linguistics. It contains a case study, which examines what impact the investigations of comparative-historical linguistics, linguistic ethnohistory and other auxiliary sciences had on narratives about the early history of northern Europe.

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