Institutionen för Arkeologi och antikens historia (red.)
Lund Archaeological Review 2012
Lund Archaeological Review (LAR) 18
2013 | 114 s. | engelska

ISSN: 1401-2189


  • Editorial
  • Joen Leffler, Typology and the Concept of Curation. A Study of Transverse Arrowheads of the Late Scandinavian Mesolithic
  • Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, Just a Band Crossing the Road. On Biography, Memory and the Changing Meaning of Places
  • Paul Eklöv Pettersson, Social Status through Crucibles
  • Thomas Eriksson & Anders Lindahl, The Handicrafts of Iron Age Pottery in Scandinavia. Regionalities and Traditions
  • Erik Johansson, Younger Grey Ware. Definition, Function and Potential
  • Mats Mogren, The First Sparks and the Far Horizons. Stirring up the Thinking on the Earliest Scandinavian Urbanization Processes–Again
  • Eva Svensson, Susanne Pettersson, Stefan Nilsson, Lotta Boss & Annie Johansson, Resilience and Medieval Crises at Five Rural Settlements in Sweden and Norway
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